24-Hour Alcohol Catering Permits

We are asking for the following information:  What is your process for issuing catering permits (application, turn around time, is it approved at Staff level or does it go before Town Council); have you had any compliance issues with the WLD?; How many permits do you issue in a calendar year?; What types of events […]

Town/City Planners

How many of you have Town / City Planners? Does that person also hold another position with your town/city? (I.E. the Building Inspector is also the Planner, etc.) Would you be willing to share the job description? Thanks!

Purchasing a Solid Waste Truck

The Town would like to purchase a dump truck, and would like to consider purchasing from Iron Planet On-line auction. If Town were to before the auction research competitive prices to a like dump truck (time permitting to get responses), Town would know if the auction was a good price. Transport would also need to […]

Unattended House – Utility Payments

Are there any Municipalities that forgo Utility payments from customers that have an unattended house? Examples would be: Snow Birds that leave for the Winter, Illnesses & Hospitalization, House Sold and will be empty for a time frame. If you do allow this, do you have an Ordinance or Resolution and can I have a […]

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