Kelley Millar, CMC, CPFA, ACPFIM – Town of Upton

The Secretary is an elected position of WAMCAT, elected at-large by all voting members.  The Secretary is responsible for recording and transcribing the minutes of all meetings of the membership and of the Board, and for receiving and responding to correspondence as directed by the President and/or the Board.


1.  Must be a regular WAMCAT member in good standing.
2.  Must have held a board position for a minimum of two years prior to running for office.


1.  Maintain accurate knowledge and understanding of the bylaws and policies and procedures of WAMCAT.
2.  Assists the President in agenda preparation; preparing materials for all WAMCAT Board and Association meetings.
3.  Record and transcribe the minutes of all meetings of the membership and of the Board.  Mails copies of meeting minutes to all board members.
4.  Prepare certificates for attendance of the winter workshop and June workday.
5.  Serves a two-year term beginning July 1st.  May be re-elected for one additional term.
6.  Responsible for maintaining and enforcing the submission of official documents and reports as outlined in the Records Guideline.


Four quarterly board meetings held at:
     ~  fall quarterly meeting
     ~  winter workshop and quarterly meeting
     ~  spring quarterly meeting
     ~  summer workday and quarterly meeting

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