24-Hour Alcohol Catering Permits

We are asking for the following information:  What is your process for issuing catering permits (application, turn around time, is it approved at Staff level or does it go before Town Council); have you had any compliance issues with the WLD?; How many permits do you issue in a calendar year?; What types of events […]

Background Checks

The City of Rawlins is enquiring what companies’ other municipalities use for background checks for new employee hires. The city has been using Employers Council for over 4 years and the background check have been taken anywhere from two weeks to up to six weeks. We are looking for a quicker turnaround time. Thank you […]

Water and Sewer Rates

The Town of Moorcroft is once again looking at the water and sewer rate structure. The struggle that seems to keep the continuous conversation going is how to make it equitable but sustainable to the system for those who owner mobile home parks, apartments and motels.  If you happen to have the following in your […]

The City of Lander is hiring a Mechanic

Do you enjoy outdoor recreation and a small-town atmosphere? The City of Lander is accepting applications for a full-time, non-exempt Mechanic. Salary Range: Pay Grade 3 – $48,457-$75,495. Pay depends on experience and current certifications. The City of Lander strives to provide a positive work environment and supports a healthy work-life balance. Benefits include 10 […]

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