Past President

Penny Robbins, CMC – Town of Mountain View

The Past President is originally elected by all voting members of WAMCAT as Vice President for a two-year term. In the subsequent years, he/she ascends to the President for a two-year term, upon the vote of the membership, and then becomes Past President for a two-year term.


1.  Must be a regular member of WAMCAT in good standing.
2.  Must have served as President for the previous two years.


1.  Assist in the development of two-year goals for the Association.
2.  Maintain accurate knowledge and understanding of the bylaws and policies and procedures of WAMCAT.
3.  Serves as chair of the Nominating Committee.
4.  Prepares all reports required by the Nominating Committee.
5.  Prepares ballots for the annual meeting.
6.  Serves on Legislative Services Committee.
7.  Purchase gift for the retiring President and outgoing Board Members.


Four quarterly board meetings held at:
     ~  fall quarterly meeting
     ~  winter workshop and quarterly meeting
     ~  spring quarterly meeting
     ~  summer workday and quarterly meeting

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