Software – Online Reservations and Cemetery Management

1. I am curious to see what municipalities use as a software program that allows for online reservations (for parks and buildings) and can take recreational sign-ups for all youth sports.

2. Also, I am looking for recommendations for a cemetery management software program (with mapping). Does anyone currently use the Caselle application?

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  • Kelley Millar
    October 24, 2023

    We don’t have an online reservation system for parks or buildings, but may be in need of a system so I am looking forward to your answers here!
    We use Black Mountain Software and the Cemetery module has been great for us. We chose to manually input our information instead of convert from the 7, yes 7, excel spreadsheets we had previously with scattered information. That process has taken some time, but also ensured accuracy. Our engineer will add the maps we need as well and then, in theory, we’ll be able to print maps for new purchases and existing lots. Mountain View has Caselle, but I don’t know if they use the Cemetery module.

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