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The Treasurer is the custodian of all financial records of the Association.  Maintains accurate reports of current financial condition of WAMCAT.  Maintain possession of all funds and distributes these funds at the direction of the Board.


1.  Must be a regular member of WAMCAT in good standing.
2.  Must have held a board position for a minimum of two years prior to running for office.
3.  Serves a two year term beginning July 1st.  May be re-elected for one additional term.


1.  Maintain accurate knowledge and understanding of the bylaws and policies and procedures of WAMCAT.
2.  Record all checkbook transactions and maintain a check register.
3.  Keep accurate accounts payable records and deposit records.
4.  Reconcile and balance all accounts on a monthly basis.
5.  Provide a quarterly financial report and cash report.
6.  Submit a preliminary budget to the Board in March for a review prior to the June business meeting.
7.  Forward names of members, as they join or rejoin, to the Membership Committee Chair.
8.  Make books available for audit, and assists the auditor on the preparation if it is recommended.
9.  Provide updated materials of membership and board information to the Secretary on disk for permanent record storage.
10.  Forward list of winter workshop registrations to the Secretary to complete certificate of attendance.
11.  Expenses of $100 or more require the approval of the President and two board officers if not approved at a quarterly board meeting before distribution.
12.  Works closely with the Scholarship and Fund Raiser Chairs in determining availability of moneys to meet their needs.
13.  Contributes to the development and achievement of Association goals.
14.  Records will be kept according to the records retention policy.
15.  Follow investment policy and report to the Board and membership at annual meeting.


To assist the Audit Committee in conducting its audit of the Association’s financial records, the following reports/information are required:
1.  Check register of all transactions
2.  Quarterly financial report
3.  Quarterly cash ending balance report
4.  Documentation for all yearly payables and receivables
5.  Reconciled bank statements, including June of the previous year

The following reports/information are required at the Board meetings:
1.  Check register of all transactions
2.  Quarterly financial report
3.  Quarterly cash ending balance report
4.  Expenses by budget category

The following reports/information are required at annual meetings:
1.  Quarterly financial report
2.  Quarterly cash ending balance report
3.  Overview of income and expenses
4.  Proposed budget for coming year


Four quarterly board meetings held at:
     ~  fall quarterly meeting
     ~  winter workshop and quarterly meeting
     ~  spring quarterly meeting
     ~  summer workday and quarterly meeting

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