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The President is an elected position of WAMCAT, elected at-large by all voting members.  The President is the executive head of the association and shall preside at all meetings of the membership and the Board.


1.  Must be a regular member of WAMCAT in good standing.
2.  Must have held a board position for a minimum of two years prior to running for office.


1.  Carry out the mission statement and goals of WAMCAT as developed by the Board.
2.  Maintain accurate knowledge and understanding of the bylaws and policies and procedures of WAMCAT.
3.  Preside over all meetings of the membership and of the Board.
4.  Appoint the chairs of all committees and task forces; coordinate and monitor their work.
5.  Represent the Association through written and oral communication.  Represent WAMCAT at functions of IIMC, MTA, GFOA, WAM and other organizations.
6.  An ex-officio member of all committees and groups.
7.  Work closely with WAM to keep members informed of WAM’s needs.
8.  Upon retiring as president, is expected to serve as Past President.


Four quarterly board meetings held at:
     ~ fall quarterly meeting
     ~ winter workshop and quarterly meeting
     ~ spring quarterly meeting
     ~ summer workday and quarterly meeting

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