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Minutes - Publishing Costs


I have been asked to research if we would be able to cut some of the costs of advertising our minutes in the local paper. I am interested in getting information from other cities and towns on what they publish as far as their minutes from council meetings. Do they have a slimmed down version of minutes that they publish or do they publish the full version. Any information would be appreciated!


Sheridan ~ We tried at one point to cut down our version of the minutes that we published but paper threatened laws suit as we were not publishing the minutes that were going to council for approval. So – we publish our entire minutes however we do a run on version which did not make them very happy but they found they could not dispute it -  I have attached a copy for you.  (see below)

Laramie ~ The city of Laramie eliminates any lines between paragraphs, cuts the headers to one line: CITY OF LARAMIE, WYOMING, CITY COUNCIL MINUTES, FEBRUARY 16, 2016,  no bold print or underlining, makes one line of recess and reconvene. The adjournment, signature box & publish dates look like this:
Council adjourned at 8:01 p.m.
Respectfully submitted, Angie Johnson, City Clerk
The Minutes above are being published prior to approval by City Council and are subject to changes at time of approval. Publish:  March 1, 2016.
It’s not pretty, but it’s published.

Lander ~ The City of Lander creates “action only” minutes and that is what we publish.  We also have work sessions, which do not need to be published, and in those minutes I go into detail. (see below)

Kemmerer ~ We publish our full minutes and bills. With that being said, I only do motion minutes - I do not put down everything that is said, just "what is done". However, our attorney told me a couple of months back that he needed to talk to me about the way I do the minutes because of some law case, but he has never followed up on it.

Dubois ~ My understanding is that there is only one set of minutes. If minutes are slimmed down, and published as slimmed down, then that is the official public record. There should not be two sets of minutes.

Cody ~ The City of Cody does what I would call action minutes....I have attached the last ones....If we have a public hearing  - I basically put Cindy Baker, City Clerk provided background information on the issue and John Doe, Jane Smith and Sam Mead spoke in favor of the item, and Bill Smith Opposed....  I do not go into great detail. Our minutes are on our webpage too. One thing we did is to utilize a purchase card so when we send the warrant register we have cut down on the number of vendors listed as we list US BANK  $125,000.00 versus the 20-30 + vendors paid...that has saved an average easily of $300-$500 a publication. (see below)

Sundance ~ We do action meetings here at the City of Sundance. I have attached a sample for your review. (see below)

Douglas ~ Here in Douglas, we do action minutes and publish them in the local paper.  I’ve attached the minutes from the Feb. 8th meeting because I know the cost of them (just got the invoice today), which is $319.00.  One of the things that we do is allow our ordinances and resolutions to be read by title only; you may do that too.  It keeps our minutes shorter b/c we don’t have to print the entire doc inside the minutes.  We spend a lot on publishing for sure, but minutes are not one of our more expensive items.  Ordinances are what eat our lunch most of the time.  (see below)

Kaycee ~ We are very lucky that we do not have to pay to have our minutes published. We have a small local paper that puts the minutes in as part of the "news" in Kaycee. When she is running short on room, she might eliminate the section of bills paid. If we were paying to have our minutes published I probably would try to trim them down a bit, so long as all actions were recorded. 

Wheatland ~ I could be wrong, but you can get ahold of Bobby Fitzugh or Joe Coyne in Douglas.  They just addressed this in a training at WAM.  I believe you only have to publish decisions that required board action, ordinances, resolutions and vouchers.  But I would check with them for complete detail or the WAM attorney.

Upton ~ Our minutes are long form with way too much information but the Town of Sundance publishes a much more abbreviated version that we are going to try out in the next fiscal year. 

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