Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Bonuses - Christmas and Longevity

2011 Survey for Budget Discussions


1.)    Do you offer any employee incentives such as Christmas or longevity bonuses?  If so, how are they implemented?

2.)    For any municipalities that have an engineer on contract, can you briefly explain the monetary terms of your contract?


Town of Burlington:  Penny Jones, Clerk

1.       The two employees we have (Clerk & Maintenance/Water) received bonuses in

       January when Council did employee reviews.  The water/maintenance guy also

       gets $2,000.00 a year for Oppenheimer retirement. 

2.       No response.


Town of Chugwater:  Karen Guidice, Clerk

1.      Chugwater does a Christmas bonus and we incorporate that into our wages.  Our    software allows for bonuses.

2.      Our engineer is contracted for each individual project. It is usually a percent of the project costs.


Town of Encampment: Doreen Harvey, Clerk                                                       

1.      I was given to understand that bonuses and incentives are not legal for


2.      No response.


Town of Frannie:  Brook Loyning, Clerk

1.      Do not have bonuses.

2.      Do not have engineers.


City of Gillette:  Jerami Fichter

1.      Does not offer Christmas or longevity bonuses.  They do have two incentive programs that are used by Supervisors to recognize employees who excel.  One is a $65.00 dinner gift certificate and the other is a gift card incentive program determined by the supervisor.

2.      No engineers.


Town of Jackson:  Roxanne DeVries Robinson, Assistant Manager

1.      The Town of Jackson has salary ranges.  When a person reaches the end of their salary range they are “maxed out.”  If a merit increase is given, such as 2% wage increase, employees that are maxed out, receive that 2% increase in a lump sum so that it does not affect their base pay.  However, it may not be connected with the longevity.  An employee may have been hired towards the higher end of the salary range and not been with the Town for a long period and still be maxed out and treated this way.  The Wyoming Retirement System considers these employees “redlined,” and the lump sum DOES count towards their earnings and is not treated as a bonus.

2.      No response.


Town of Medicine Bow:  Karen Heath, Clerk

1.      No bonuses as they were told Wyoming statutes prohibit Christmas and all other bonuses except Safety bonuses.

2.      Has an appointed town engineer who is paid only when he works.


City of Sheridan:  Heather Doke, HR Director

1.      No Christmas bonuses.  Firefighters are the only ones who receive longevity.  Implemented a new plan in 2005, and longevity was calculated into where employees were placed and then it went away.

2.      We have engineers on staff.


Town of Sinclair:  Lezlee Musgrave, Clerk

1.      This incentive is offered at Christmas.  After reaching 240 hours of accrued sick leave, and upon notification to the payroll clerk by December 1st of each calendar year up to a maximum of 80 hours, these three options are offered: 

a)      Add all or part of the hours from the current year to their sick leave bank, up to a maximum of 480 hours.

b)      Convert all or part of the hours from the current year to salary equivalent up to 80 hours maximum to be paid in addition to the employee’s salary on the first scheduled pay day in December.

c)      Convert up to 40 hours of accrued sick leave from the current year to vacation hours to be used in the upcoming year only, scheduled with Town vacation policies.

2.      No response.


Town of Superior:  Mikki Maes, Clerk

1.      Every year at the December meeting the Council moves to give a determined, net bonus to each employee- full and part time.

2.      No response.


Town of Upton: 

1.      Does not offer bonuses.

2.      No response.



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