Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

County Revenue Disbursement


We recently attended a Clerk Training in Gillette where we discovered that we might be getting our county monies the hard way. 

Our process is:

1.  Call  the County Treasurer after the 12th of each month and request our portion of funds with a breakdown to be sent;

2. Before the Treasurer releases the funds, we have to prepare a receipt and send it to their office without having received ANY actual money at the time and prepare a voucher for the handling fee of ½ of 1% of the total to be sent and include that with the cash receipt;

3. Wait up to 9 working days sometimes to receive the check with the breakdown of funds and officially receipt it by updating the carbon copy of the receipt we sent  requesting the funds;

4. Attach the voucher for the county’s handling fee to a copy of the receipt for Council approval.

We asked Newcastle how they get their funds, and the process is similar just that they are on the same block as the county building so the funds are in hand before they leave a receipt at the Treasurer’s office.  We actually wait for several months to collect our funds because the process is so tedious.

Upon discussing this process with the other towns in attendance at the training, this doesn’t seem to be the process that other counties use.  Does your county send the funds either by check or ACH automatically with a breakdown and how often is it received? Is there a handling fee associated with receiving your portions of county tax revenues? Are there any suggestions on how we can go about streamlining or changing the process to better suit the needs of both the town and the county? 


The City of Evanston prepares a letter and attaches it to a copy of our approved budget requesting the property tax for the next fiscal year.  The amount we request is always different but we are asking for the 8 mills that we can.  I will attach a copy of my letter to the county for your review. (see below)

We automatically get the property taxes on a monthly basis by ACH and I get an email telling me the breakdown.  Ours is very simple but I always thought it was because of the letter to the county clerk asking for our money before the new fiscal year begins.

Bear River ~ The Deputy Treasurer of Uinta County sends our money monthly to our bank account and emails me a  report as soon as the money is deposited into the Towns account and the report is broke down to which category the funds came from.

Kaycee ~ They (Buffalo) automatically sends us our checks each month with a breakdown of what they are for. I don't believe we have any handling fees - that seems like it would be a weird deal too. If I ever have any questions about payments I can just call them up and they fill me in. I wouldn't be very comfortable writing a receipt for funds not received.

Edgerton ~ Natrona County just sends us out our checks, usually monthly, depending on what has come in for the month.  Each check comes with a description of what it is (property taxes, motor vehicle fees, etc.), and we just receipt it in as any other receipt for the month.

Medicine Bow ~ Carbon County requests us to give them a book of blank deposit slips and they deposit the money straight into our account.  Then they send the bank's deposit slip with a breakdown sheet.  I have to sign the bottom half and return it.

Wheatland ~ Town of Wheatland simply sends letter to County after annual budget is adopted claiming their mills.  Once clearing the commissioners, we receive a check payment from the County in December and in June for our portion in detail.  No handling fee has been assessed to my knowledge.  That is all.

Lusk ~ The way it is handled for us is that the Niobrara County Treasurer sends us a spreadsheet of the tax breakdown. We get this before the 5th of the month stating that she has initiated an ACH into our banking account. That money posts in a couple of days. We usually have it in our account before the 10th of the month.

We do not have to give anything to her for the money to be distributed to the Town.

If you would like to talk with the Niobrara Co. Treasurer to hear how it works for her, the contact information is Keri Thompson, 334-2432, niotreas@qwestoffice.net.

Alpine ~ Lincoln County disburses the vehicle and property tax via AHC.  We receive written notice by mail usually a day before it is scheduled to deposit.  Property tax is paid monthly usually around the 10th of the month and vehicle tax twice per year.  

The Town of Cokeville receives property tax and motor vehicle tax from the county.  It is deposited by ACH to the bank account and then a break down is in the form of a receipt in the mail.  I never request it.  It is paid monthly.  Your process is interesting. 

Douglas ~ Our treasurer automatically issues payment each month with a report showing the breakdown.  Yes we pay a handling fee, it is just deducted from the amount remitted to us. 

Cody ~ Park County sends Cody its money monthly via EFT.  They send us the remittance advice via email a few days before the deposit occurs (see attached).  They deduct the handling fee from our portion of the revenue and remit the remainder. We don't have to ask them for it; we get the deposit automatically around the 10th of the month and we just sign the receipt and send it back to them.   

Glenrock ~ I have worked in two different municipalities now and in the first one I had to do something similar to what you have to do. Write a receipt and collect the funds by either going to the county building or requesting a check by mail.

Now I receive county funds monthly, deposited by ACH directly into the account and I do not have to provide a receipt, this was strange to me that there was such a significant difference but the way we have it now is much better. Our county treasurer is Joel Schell and his phone number is (307) 358-3120 he may have an answer to your question and an easier way to get your county monies.

Encampment ~ In Carbon  County we provide the county treasurer with a deposit book for our operating account. She deposits the funds directly and sends us a receipt and breakdown of the taxes paid to us. The bottom half of that breakdown is set up as a voucher for our signature and we return that to her. They do get a small commission which is deducted from the proceeds and noted on the breakdown. It works like clock work.

Laramie ~ This is an automated process by the County Treasurer.  The Treasurer’s office just sends our checks less any handling fee.   

Opal ~ Opal submits the budget ordinance to the county by the 4th Monday in May each year and the county deposits funds via ACH into our bank account at regular intervals throughout the year.  Your process seems way complicated.

Hanna ~ Carbon County automatically deposits collections from property taxes, motor vehicle, etc and keeps a small commission.  They send a receipt with the deposit slip to me. (Top part and bottom part are the same).  I sign the bottom portion and send back.  Don’t know how it could be simpler!!  When they get low on deposit tickets, they let me know and I send them some more.



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