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Municipal Court - Budgeting for Revenue

Q:  Is it ok to do an eblast asking how much surrounding municipalities make in tickets/citations for their district court budgeting?  I’m trying to work on our budget for next year and our number of $4000 in anticipated income seems a little low.  


Jackson ~ YTD Actual (8 Months): Parking Tickets, $147,204; Summons and Complaints, $133,511

Chugwater ~ Unfortunately the Town of Chugwater cannot help you with this issue as we have no law enforcement other than the Platte County Sheriff and deputies. 
     * Ooh! We have debated that route. Can you disclose your budgeted cost for what the Platte County Sheriff’s Dept charges?  That might be our answer ;) Thanks!! 
     ** Mayor Sand told me that we do not pay Platte County Sheriff's Department anything because they do not enforce ordinances in the Town of Chugwater. We use them on an emergency basis only.  She suggested you contact your County Sheriff's Deparment and ask them what they would charge.  There are some grants to help municipalities with the cost of law enforcement and I can see us going down that road in the future.  I would be more than happy to share any information if the Town does proceed with a Grant of this nature. 
     * If you have offenders of your Town ordinances how is that handled?  We have a lot of ordinances, but we are small enough not require a local police force we have just always had one. 
     ** Platte County Sheriff's Department, usually a Deputy, comes over to check on us. They also handle any issues we may have other than ordinances.  We have to handle that ourselves and we do so by sending a letter to the party who is not complying with an ordinance. That usually motivates them to comply, so far anyway. It's usually not anything more serious than mowing their property or moving a parked camper off the street. 
RivertonWe budget anywhere from $120,000 to $160,000.
Gillette ~ Gillette Municipal Court's revenue in 2015 was approximately $429,000 for citations.  Also, we had parking tickets with an approximate revenue of $9,400. 
Newcastle ~ Our municipal court revenue for the full fiscal year 2015-16 was $30,948.00. 
Greybull ~ I’m a spreadsheet nut and have Greybull’s budgets for the last 10 years on a spreadsheet, which I use to estimate the coming years. I usually take the average of the last few years to predict next year’s revenue. This year we have $30,000 estimated for court fine revenues. We are running well behind my estimate though, so I think we will only end up with $22k-$24k in revenues. We have a Chief, 4 officers, and an Animal Control Officer, so we have a lot of opportunity to write tickets.
Byron ~ YTD our PD has brought in $100,170.00 in citations and still counting. 
MoorcroftOur Municipal Court citations in years past have brought anywhere from 10-20,000 a year.  We generally plan our budget around $15,000 or so. To give you a couple quick examples:  We brought in $10,719.00 during the 2014-2015 fiscal year and this 2015-2016 fiscal year to date we have brought in $20,749.00 (and this is only from July - January) so we are guessing we will be close, if not over $25,000 by June 30th.
ThayneThe Town of Thayne brought in just over $20,000 last fiscal year and we have received just over $13,000 this year.
EncampmentThe Town of Encampment does not even average $2,000.00 in recent years. To be fair we only have one officer. Our council just want his presence seen and contact warnings, more than a reputation as a speed trap. Anything DUI or more than municipal misdemeanor violation related goes through the county sheriffs office.  When we had two officers and a different administration we averaged about $7,000.00.
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