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Personnel - Part-Time Summer Help, Mowing

Q:  Does any city/town employ part-time summer help mainly for mowing and weed eating?  If so, what are their hours and rate of pay?


Shoshoni ~ We have a 17 year old working for us to do park lawns, cut weeds, etc. He is allowed 28 hours a week and his pay is $10.00 hr. He is not allowed to drive the vehicles but can run equipment.

The Town of Cokeville hires summer help, (one person) they must be 18, they mow, weed eat, clean streets, and help if there is water line breaks, anything else that needs done.   The wage is $10.50, no benefits.  If everything goes good the first summer, then they will hire them again for the next summer so they kind of have a guaranteed summer job after the first year if they want it. They work 40 hours per week and are under the PW/maintenance director.  

The City of Lander hires summer helps for mowing.  We pay $10 per hour (we couldn’t find anyone paying less).  They have to be 18 years old.

Lusk ~ We let our summer mowing help work up to 40 hours per week if they can or want to. We start them out at $7.50 per hour. I would suggest checking the child labor laws. I think it states that they have to be at least 16 years of age to operate equipment. 

The Town of Guernsey hires seasonal employees that work 40 hrs/week, have a valid driver's license, and we start at $8.50. If they are a returning seasonal employee they get a $.25 increase each year they return.

The Town of Medicine Bow hires one full time adult supervisor at $10.00 per hour.  We try to hire two people 18 years or older at $7.25 per hour but we cannot find anyone except the supervisor to hire this year.  Last year we had one person but he had to leave in the middle of July for boot camp.

Powell ~ Our parks department has a summer crew and they average around 40 hrs per week, but are only working mid may to about mid August for most of them.  The starting pay I believe is $13.60.  I think this is a little high of pay for mowing lawns, but that is what they do J   They also have to be 18 to work for us to operate mowers and drive vehicles.

The Town of Upton has hired three “temporary” summer employees.  They work mainly at our golf course, but do some in town mowing as well.  The supervisor has worked for the Town prior to our acquisition of the golf course and is paid $14.00/hr for 40 hrs/week.  The other two are younger (19 now I think) men and are paid $11.00/hr for 40 hrs/week.  No overtime is budgeted and they are expected to manage their time to avoid overtime.  Minimum age for employment at the Town of Upton is 18. 

Bar Nunn hires through Adecco. They do all screening and take care of all wages, insurance, etc.  We verify hours worked. We currently pay $15.79 per hour to Adecco, for 8 hours a day. We stipulate hours and no overtime.  

Worland ~ We have hired seasonal help and so far we are holding them to 29 hours per week; I am checking further into the healthcare regs. to see if they can work longer hours without having to offer benefits.  I believe they have to be 15 or 16 to run a mower due to safety issues.

Star Valley Ranch ~ We hire a  temporary person at 40 hours a week for 3 months. They have to be 18 years old. This year we are paying $13.25 but it generally depends on experience. Last year we paid $15 per hour.


The City of Newcastle does hire summer seasonal help and they work usually almost 40 hours/per week for just a few weeks during the summer.  Starting wage is $8.50/hr. and then if they return the next summer there is a $.50/hr. wage increase.  Most are high school graduates or college students.  

Sheridan ~ We do hire seasonal workers for assistance with parks/grounds maintenance during the summer. Our seasonals usually work 8 hour shifts 5 days a week (so a full-time schedule). We start our seasonals out at $9.50 per hour, if they return the next summer we give them a 50 cent bump. I believe we require them to be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license (they have to have a guardian’s signature on the disclosure page of our application).

ThayneWe allow our mowers to get about 20 hours per week, sometimes they do more than just the mowing to help out our maintenance crew, we pay about $10.00 per hour and like them to be 18 years or older.

Douglas ~ Yes we hire temporary maintenance workers every summer.  They typically work 40 hours per week and we start them at $10.50/Hour.  Even though they are not able to operate a motor vehicle unless they are 18; we do require all our workers to have a valid driver’s license so they cannot work for us until such time as they are old enough to obtain that license.  

Thank you for the inquiry.  Yes, the City of Laramie hires provisionals during our field season for mowing the parks.  These positions are 40 hours per week and start at $8.75.  

The City of Gillette brings on about 55 seasonal workers each summer to assist the Parks Crew with the mowing and maintenance of the 30 City parks; we also use six in the Streets areas to assist with right of way mowing and pick up, and another three at the Waste Water plant to assist with the same duties. We usually use them for approximately 4 or 5 months; we keep them under the six months so we don't have to pay WRS or benefits under the ACA. Pay is $11.00 per hour and we increase that by $.25 per hour for returning seasonals; may be increasing the pay rate to $12.00 an hour for returners.

Here in Hanna we use a program thru the county Workforce Center that reimburses us for the wages for summer youth help and it also benefits and trains the youth in a job experience from beginning to end, compiling resumes, filling out applications, how to conduct yourself during interviews, etc.  We have had pretty good success with this.   They have to be at least 16 years old, and can work up to the 40 hours per week.  We can choose to give them minimum wage, or more the workforce center will reimburse up to $9.00 per hour.  We had been doing just the minimum but plan to ask the council to increase that up to the $9.00.   This year we have also hired a summer employee just for the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery at $10.00 per hour and up to 29.50 hours per week.  I also found out that from age 15 to 18, they cannot drive a town vehicle, but they can operate a weed eater, riding lawn mower, and of course a normal gas or electric push mower.  If they are 18 and driving you will need to make sure they are covered on your insurance policy.

Bairoil We are in the process of hiring summer help ourselves and I thought you might find the attached useful (child labor pamphlet).  Apparently there was a more recent change not allowing use of weed-eaters to the list of prohibited work for 14-15 year olds. We are paying I believe $7.25 for the younger 14-15 yr olds and $12.00 for a 21 year old.

The Town of Baggs does hire summer help for up to $12.00 for 40 hours a week. We say they have to be eighteen or older.

The Town of Edgerton hires 3 summer helpers: 1 working supervisor and 2 hands.  The pay rate is $9.50 per hr for supervisor, and $8.00 for hands.  They typically work 40-hr weeks, and run from the week after school is out (this year they started on June 8) until about August 15.  If we have funds left in what is budgeted for them, we will let the supervisor stay on a little longer, as they are typically older and out of school.  The hands have to be 16 years old (that is the minimum age requirement to operate power equipment, by law), and we require the supervisor to be at least 18, but preferably 21 or over if we can get it.  

The Town of Mountain View hires summer kids through our Public Works/Maintenance department. The kids start out at $7.50 and we prefer them to be 16 years old for the mowers since they are riding mowers and sometimes need to be transported.

The Town of Encampment hires two full time and one part time parks kids. Generally area students or returning college kids. They must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license and are supervised by adults. We start them at $10.00/Hr to compete with area ranch wages. They start after Memorial Day and are finished before Labor day.  

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