Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Peddlers Permits/Itinerant Licensing 2

Q:  I am wondering how many of your cities or towns have ordinances requiring itinerant or transient merchants and do you suspend or waive this requirement for special festivals? If the requirements are waived what is the process for getting it waived?

I am guessing many of the events are planned by the Chamber of Commerce. Are your Chambers on board with the requirements or are they part of the problem?


The City of Cody's ordinance has a umbrella fee $300 for a festival or special event - if it is on City property  and we close streets we also have the event sponsor pay $25.00 per booth.
Though we may be looking at this ordinance as we are inconsistently following it based on Council direction...example - if you are a park county resident we don't currently charge you as a transient merchant......

Last updated 7/15/2015 1:35:44 PM