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What are your advertising costs, and would your community support a legislative proposal amending municipal "after action" publication requirements?  Send your responses to the webmaster at glenrocktown@aol.com.

  • We budget $18,000 each year for advertising.  It’s usually very close (if not a little over & needing a budget amendment).  The Budget increased their charge from $8.10 in FY09 to $8.50 in FY10 so that makes the $$ go quicker!  However, in accordance with W.S. 15-1-116(c), we have begun to publish amendments to ordinances by title & summary so hopefully we will see a savings from that.

  • We budgeted $1000.00 this fiscal year for publishing/advertising.  We only publish what we absolutely have to.  We post everything.

  • The Town of Hanna does not have a high advertising budget.  We do not have a local newspaper that is published in Hanna.  We follow the guidelines in the SS that allow us to post our information in three places around town.  We do have a small publication that comes out bi weekly and we publish all our minutes, financials, and ordinances in this as well as posting. This is printed by our Rec. Center and we furnish all the supplies, so it does not cost us anything. We do have expenses for publishing legal notices and job openings.  It would be a hardship on us if we did have to pay for publishing of the minutes etc. Hope this helps, and maybe some of the smaller communities, if they don’t have a newspaper published in their Town could reduce their costs if they could post their information.

  • The Town of Kaycee spent $12,527.84 on public notices...Last fiscal year.

  • the town of basin budgets $6,000.00 for advertising a year.

  • Torrington spends about $24,000 per year for legal advertising.  If you need anything else, please let me know
  • City Council – Minutes of meetings $7,276.00, Planning & Zoning – meetings and other public notices $2,381.00, Police – employee notices and community public service notice $1,344.00, Urban Renewal – public notices for downtown activities    $1,728.00, Other departments for public notices for bids   $685.00.  Evanston

  • The Town of Pine Haven publishes public notices in the Moorcroft Leader.  Our budget is $4,000.00 for year ending June 30, 2010

  • The City of Lander budgets $30,000 each year for advertising.  The total budget for the City of Lander General Fund is $5.5 million and the enterprise fund is $2.4 million

  • For the fiscal year 08/09 the town of Wright spent about 11,500.00.  Hope that helps.  Our local newspaper only comes out once a week.

  • For Fiscal Year July 2008 through June 2009, the City of Cheyenne expended
    approximately $90,000.00 for legal advertising to comply with state statute
    requirements.  This amount represents newspaper publication costs for the
    following (not all inclusive):  Approved ordinances, City Council minutes
    with vouchers listing, calls for bids and other purchasing publication
    requirements, employee position listings (3 times ea. year), liquor
    application/renewal public hearing notices, and notice of public hearings
    involving the budget, and annexation and zoning actions.
  • I understand that you are gathering information regarding publication costs for municipalities.  The City of Newcastle, Wy spends between $1500 and $2000 on average monthly.  Those are all for required “legals”.  Through December our costs are $10,806 for FY 2010.

  • The Town of Encampment has an average budget of $4,000 for advertising. We post our notices locally though, so it does not include many legal postings.
  • Karen-thank you it is about time this gets some attention-the Town of Shoshoni spends an average of $650 to $1000 per month to advertise Minutes, Bills and other notices.
  • Hi Donna…regarding your legislator’s question concerning publication budgets, Powell budgets approximately $40,000 a year ($41,350 for FY 09/10) for publications and virtually all of it is spent each year.  Yes, I think this is an outrageous amount especially with the tightening of budgets, but with statutory requirements for publications what choice do we have.  Over the past year we have had a good number of new ordinances, along with minutes, salary publications, bids, hearings, job ads, licensing, etc.  We could use some review and revision of publication requirements -- even allowances for putting them on-line rather than publishing.  Questions, give me a call. 

  • Last fiscal year ending June 30, 2009 the City of Sundance spent $12,416.49 on advertising.  So far this year the City has spent $6,405.50 as of December 31, 2009.  if you have any questions please let me know.

  • We spend about $4,000 a year on legal publications.

  • This is a great topic for legislators to look into.  The City of Cody budgets approximately $50,000 per year on advertising.  A large part of  this is spent on publication requirements such as minutes, vouchers, public hearings, ordinances,  etc., and the rest is spent on employment advertisements, public notices etc.  We tend to spend more than what is required by state statute simply because if we only do what is required by state statute and put information such as public hearing notices in the legals section, the public complains to the council that they didn’t see the information.  Therefore, a lot of the time we end up doing display or box ads with our logo and big print so that the public is very well informed. 

    Anything that the legislators can do with regard to the publication requirements would be appreciated.  In this day in age, media is much more than newspapers of general circulation.  If city websites, radio stations, etc., could be considered as notice as well, the Cities and Towns may be able to generate significant savings in our general funds. 

    If I can assist in any way or if you need more information, please let me know.  Thanks and we’ll see you soon!

  • The Town of Glendo has spent $948 on legals and $445 on promotional ads this fiscal year. We budgeted $1500 on legals and $1500 on promotional ads for the town.

  • We paid the Jackson Hole News and Guide $74,460 last calendar year.  But that includes display ads as well as legal ads.  I don't have an exact figure for you for legal ads only.

  •  I know advertising fees have gone up sky high around here.  We have already used 87% of our budget for this fiscal year.  Our little town only budgets $1000 for the year and have $122.00 left. Sinclair

  • way to much $25,000

  • Good morning from Diamondville~  The Town of Diamondville is in a very unusual situation when it comes to advertising because the State Statue says that you have to publish minutes ect... in a local newspaper of your town.  We do not have a local newspaper in Diamondville.  Therefore we publish notices, job openings ect.   but our expenses this year so far on advertising are $800.00
  • Could you please let Donna know that our publication for Town of Moorcroft for fiscal year 2008/20009 was around $8500.00.
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