Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Meetings - Electronic Packets


Of those of you who keep your council packets electronically, who also keeps a paper copy?  If you don’t keep a paper copy, do you keep a second electronic copy saved at a different location?  Why or why not on the duplicate paper/electronic copy?


The Town of Dubois has a digital copy saved on the server as well as a hard copy. The hard copies are destroyed according to the retention schedule.

Lusk ~ We do both. I send electronic agenda, previous minutes and any items I feel they need to read before hand. I also give them a paper packet before the meeting and keep the information in a file folder with approved minutes from the meeting.

Rawlins ~ I keep a paper copy of out packets.

Bairoil ~ Our little town probably does things way different but each Council Member has their own Binder that they keep their packets in and I keep my packet with my minutes in a Binder.  I don’t keep an actual packet electronic but most of the items in the packet are saved electronically on my computer under whatever it relates too.

Powell ~ While I keep all of my council packets electronically, I have the originals in a paper copy for myself and after the meeting get signatures and then will throw things out that are no longer needed.  If I need to look at one again I can go into my folder for that day.  My are on our servers which we have 3 in 3 separate locations that keep everything.  As far as the agenda I do keep the paper copy for a year and then destroy.

Lander ~ Lander has a folder – Agendas/regular meeting/2016 and then the date of the meeting, where we keep our information.  We PDF all the information for the meeting and then upload it to Dropbox – where we share it with everyone.  – Google works good for this also. We delete the packet in Dropbox after a while (2 months) and we keep the other copy of the packet, on our hard drive, indefinitely.  This way we can always search the computer by subject.  It’s another way of finding information if needed.

Lingle ~ We still do things the old-fashioned way here in Lingle. It's all still on paper (nothing electronic).

Kaycee ~ We are so old school here that we do paper copies for all of it. I would love to do electronic but I don't know if they would go for it or read any of it ahead of time. 

Sheridan ~ My electronic are stored - cloud - with Town Cloud off site of our server. But I do have paper copies - I guess mainly because no new legislation has come out about accepting the electronic copy as a permanent  file - or at least the 5 year archive requirement. And - it is simple because my Mayor still insists on having a paper copy at the meeting and that is just the copy that I store. Some folks still come in and request to see the paper file - they dont have computer access and do not want to spend the money on copies  they just want to peruse .

Star Valley Ranch ~ We do keep a paper copy which also includes the minutes. They are all in binders and available for anyone who wishes to come in and read them. I am not sure why. 

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