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Meetings - Electronic versus Paper

Could you please post a survey?  Our Council would like to know if other Councils are using notebooks instead of paperwork for Council meetings, which notebooks they use, and how it’s working out for them?   Thanks very much for your help.  Karen Heath,  C/T Medicine Bow

·         Town of Cowley still uses paper packets.

·         The Town of Saratoga uses paper packets. We have asked them to consider note books, but there are council members that are not even reading the information that I e-mail before the meeting and decline to use note books.  The amount of paper generated for both council meetings each month is staggering and some of the council members toss the packets and do not keep the information provided.   Suzie Cox, Saratoga Town Clerk

·         The City of Rock Springs has been using laptops for a couple of years and the time saved by the City Clerk has been extremely worthwhile and allows this person now to concentrate on more important issues other then standing at the copier all day waiting for copies.  We saved laptops which were being replaced with new from our police officers and gave them to the councilors.  Some councilors prefer their own.  The City Clerk emails the electronic packet out each Thursday before our meetings which are on the first and third Tuesdays.  Thursday is the cut-off date for any agenda item or information which is to be included in the council packets.  Of course there are always those who miss the cut-off date and ask to be placed on the agenda.  If the request is honored, revisions are either made in the electronic file or hard copies are given at the meeting.

            Our packets are fairly large, upwards of 150 – 200 pages so the savings on paper is significant when considering that 9 copies were made for the councilors, one for the clerk and eight for department heads (3600 sheets of paper possible).  We also post each new packet and all past packets on our website for the community to review.  Our meetings are televised live and by having computers, it saves a lot of time lost from shuffling through papers trying to find specific agenda items.  The laptops also allow us to make notes on the individual files in red and save them for future reference.

      Go electronic and save yourself time and money,   Mayor  Timothy A. Kaumo, Rock Springs

·         The Town of Wheatland uses paper in three ring binders for regular meetings.  Mayor, Council and Attorney receive them, we only have one meeting a month, so it is really not a problem.  The Council doesn't feel comfortable at a Council meeting with citizens  present, looking at a laptop.  We do use laptops during budget sessions at times.

·       The Town of Hanna went to laptops in 07.   I scan the documents for the meeting and then save them to a scan disk for each one.  One of our council members does not do computers so he gets the notebook binder.  I do send some information such as a preliminary agenda out a couple of days before the disks are ready by e-mail.  I also have one extra paper packet for backup in case someone forgets their laptop.  We purchased laptops for each that will be turned in when their term is over.  It does save on the paper but it is still time consuming.  The treasurer also scans in all the financial information on the disk.  They seem to like it better and they do use them during the meetings.  Penny Parr, Town Clerk

·       The Town of Wamsutter sends out packets on the Friday morning before meeting with necessary documents they need to read. Agenda is sent Thursday afternoon by the Mayor. We send out emails for special week reminders of meetings, schedule changes bid openings etc.  The problem with our council is they don't read the material in packets until they arrive. 

·         The Town of Star Valley Ranch still uses paper book as well.

·      Hulett still uses paper but would like laptops Melissa Bears, Hulett Town Clerk

·       The town of Superior uses paper (3 ring binders) for council meetings.

·       The City of Worland still uses paper – it would be nice to switch to a laptop, but that will have to wait until after the budget crunch.  Tracy A. Glanz, CMC

·       Town of Moorcroft  has paper only for the council members

·         We are using paperwork. The Town of Lusk has not even thought of looking into this.  Linda

·         Six of our seven Governing Body members switched from paper council packets to electronic council packets last summer.  The response has been very positive and it has reduced our materials and supply budget quite a bit.   It is also a lot more efficient as we don’t have anyone standing over the copy machine for hours one day per week.  We purchased a very basic Dell computer for each council member and I think that we spent about $700 each including a mouse, carrying bag and thumb drives.  The Council seems to like this method and has access to all of their information (all backup and supporting information for each agenda item) on their computers at all times.  Thanks,  Jennifer Rosencranse, Administrative Services Director, Cody

·       Pine Bluffs looked into going with paperless council packets but at this time the Sire software that we prefer is too expensive. This would also have made the council packets, the parts that are public record, available on our web site. So until our revenues change we are still using binders with a gazillion pieces of paper.  Thanks, Cate Cundall, CMC

·       City of Cheyenne Council members have city-owned/assigned laptops but do not utilize them during City Council meetings.  A paper agenda and backup information (contained in 3-ring notebooks) is currently utilized.  There are a limited number of "full" agenda packets (with detailed backup info) provided (i.e. not all Council members receive the lengthy packet; it's their choice.  Only certain staff (Attorney, etc.) receive the full packets).  We've researched the use of electronic agendas but at this time not all of the Council members are in favor of making the switch.  We also have an issue with the limited amount of space on the dais for Council members' working area during meetings. Carol Intlekofer, CIty Clerk

  • The Town of Shoshoni only uses paper for the Council meetings.  Joanie Geis, Clerk/Treasurer
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