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Budget Amounts - FY 15-16


Could I get a bottom dollar budget amount for FY 15-16 and the populations as well, from towns and cities that are willing to share that information?

I recently spent sometime in the Rapid City hospital with my husband and while he was sleeping I flipped past a Rapid City Council meeting on public access and the dork in me couldn’t bear to change the channel.  It was a regular meeting but the newly elected Mayor gave his budget presentation and I really like how he put it together, but also they have a population of about 72,000 (I thought this would be much higher) and a proposed budget of $156,000,000.  My interest in total budgets across the state is based on how much, roughly, each municipality spends on its recorded citizens.  I feel like that might be a number we can use to make simulations more realistic when we talk about how best to handle the funds we are entrusted with. Thank you!!


Upton has a budget of $2,063,743.83 for FY 15-16 and our population is 1100 

City of Cody ~ Population 9,250; Budget $34,610,498.00; Something to keep in mind is what services a city provides - for instance - the City of Cody has a volunteer fire department - thus not part of our budget, however we are one of the few communities with an electrical department as well as we run both water, sewer, recycling and garbage utilities ..I know Rapid City does not run the electric or gas in their community and unsure if the operate the water and/or garbage services.   Just a heads up that even in WY - there will not be simple  apple to apple comparison - as many communities differ in their operation

SundanceWe have a $4 million dollar budget and our population is 1200.

Town of Superior's budget for FY 2015-2016 $1,092,137.00, population 337

Hulett is population 383 and our budget is $779,953

The FY16 budget for Opal is 271,551.00 and the population of record is 97

The  City of Buffalo has a total budget of $12,077,958 for FY15-16 and population is 4,585.

The Town of Edgerton’s budget for 2015-16 is $336,458 (assuming we get the supplemental funding this year) and our population is 195.  Last year’s was $340,219, but our total revenues came out to $368, 777, and our total expenditures were only $284,416, not counting designated funds we received from grants.

The City of Powell’s total budget for  FY 15-16 is $21,138,416.  Our population is 6500 and we have our own electrical, water, sewer, sanitation and fiber.  

The Town of Sinclair has a population of 433 and our budget total is:  General Fund - $1,555,915.00 and our Enterprise Funds - $507,100.00

Lingle has a population of 468 and our FY15-16 budget including capital projects is $ 2,560,000.


The Town of Encampment budget id $1,444,185.43. However $350,000.00 of the is debt service collection from Specific Purpose Tax and about $150,000.00 is grant proceeds.

The Town of Lusk fiscal budget for 2015-2016 is $7,338,534.00 and we have a population of 1,567. This is probably about $2 million higher than normal due to the fact that we have budgeted for the building of a transfer station for solid waste and closing of our landfill.


The City of Worland has a population of 5,487 and our total budget (including General, Water, Sewer, Sanitation, Capital Projects, Agency Funds) for 2015-16 is $11,029,641.


The Town of Hanna’s budget for FY15-16 is $4,816,349.00 with a population of 841.  Part of that budget are grants for a couple water projects that we are doing and also budgeting of the Specific Purpose Tax we are currently collecting.




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