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Personnel - Mayoral Appointment for Department Heads

Q:   The Town of Diamondville is wondering how many towns and cities in Wyoming have Mayoral appointments for their department heads?


The town of Hanna’s Mayor appoints department heads.

The Town of Kaycee does not have mayoral appointments for department heads.

Douglas ~ Here is what our code states about department heads, but we also have a City Administrator, so I’m not sure if it’s very helpful to you.   

  •          2.12.050 - Appointment powers.
Except for the city administrator, attorney and municipal judge, all employees shall be appointed, suspended, transferred and removed by the city administrator, subject to the personnel regulations of the city as adopted by the governing body.
The city administrator shall appoint a city clerk, city treasurer/finance director, community development director, chief of police, public works director, and fire chief. The city administrator shall make appointments to these positions and removal from these positions, when necessary, with the concurrence of the governing body.
The city administrator may appoint and remove all subordinates, clerks, assistants, laborers and servants and fix the compensation of those appointed by him within the limits fixed by the governing body and the law, consistent with the city's ability to pay. Appointment shall be on the basis of merit. Nothing herein shall be construed as affecting or superseding the provisions of Wyoming Statutes 1997, Sections 15-5-101 through 15-5-301, relating to the police and fire departments. Except as otherwise provided, he shall prescribe the powers and duties of all employees. He shall file with the clerk a list of the names of all employees, together with a statement of the salary or compensation each is to receive. He shall seek the advice of the governing body on personnel matters as he deems necessary.


In Evanston, the Mayor appoints the Department Heads on an annual basis and the appointments are approved by the City Council in the first City Council meeting of each calendar year. 
The Mayoral appointments are for the following positions:

  1.        Director of Administrative Services/City Clerk
  2.        Director of Finance/City Treasurer
  3.        Director of Planning & Development
  4.        Public Works Director/City Engineer
  5.        Public Works Superintendent
  6.        Chief of Police


We don’t have a City Administrator in Evanston, instead all of the Department Heads report directly to the Mayor.

The City of Worland Dept. Heads are appointed every two years by the Mayor and confirmed by vote through the Council.  

The Town of Medicine Bow has Mayoral appointments for department heads.

The Mayor and Council  for the city of Laramie appoint/approve the Manager, Attorney, and Judge only.

All of Cheyenne's Department Heads are Mayoral appointments.  They are appointed every 2 years in January.

The Town of Lusk’s Mayor appoints the Chief of Police, Director of Public Works, Clerk/Treasurer, Town Attorney and Municipal Judge. All other positions are hired.

Superior ~ We don't, we only have 1 maintenance, 1 water operator and myself, and one other p/t transfer station attendant.

Greybull ~ our department heads are hired by the mayor with the approval of the Council, and they can only be terminated for cause by a majority vote of Council. We did away with Mayoral appointments of department heads a few years ago so that when a new Mayor came in they couldn’t ‘clean house’. 

The Town of Hudson Mayor makes appointment at the January meeting every year.  Of course we are a smaller town than you so that is only two people.

When I worked as Town Clerk in Dubois for awhile, who ever their Mayor was at the time appointed department heads for the term of their office (at that time every 2 years).

The Town of Saratoga does have mayoral appointments for department heads which include Clerk, Treasurer, Chief of Police, DPW Supervisor


The only appointed positions by ordinance in Encampment are the Police Chief, Clerk/Treasurer and Judge. As far as department heads, the mayor "appoints" a member of council to act as liaison for "parks, recreation and cemetery", "public works" and "financial" but this is just a practice that he does for oversight and it is not established officially. He bases it on the interests of the council.


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