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Travel Policy

December 2017

Question ~ I would like information on travel policies including per diem for use of personal vehicles.

Responses ~

The Town of Medicine Bow employee handbook states that we do what the State of Wyoming does.  I called the State and they said they follow what the federal rates are.  That makes it easy because they are listed online.


Travel & Expenses

Employees and elected officials who are on Official Town of Guernsey business (i.e., Fire and Ambulance volunteers) will be reimbursed at the current State of Wyoming government rate of per diem for necessary expenses incurred while traveling. All travel expenses will be pre-approved by supervisor and Mayor.

PRIOR to traveling the traveler will have an approval signed by the Town Clerk/Treasurer. This approval will include all expected expenses. The Clerk/Treasurer is not approving the trip but rather certifying there is money available to reimburse the traveler for expenses. All travel requests must be submitted no less than three (3) weeks prior to travel. If a personal vehicle is used for travel, the employee must keep track of exact mileage. Employee is not allowed to use Town of Guernsey gas card to fill up their personal vehicle.

If possible, the Clerk/Treasurer will secure and pay for lodging prior to the trip. The preferred method of travel is by Town vehicle. Mileage, payable at the current rate, may be paid if Town vehicles are not available. Coordination must occur before the business travel.

The Expense Report should be submitted to the Town Clerk/Treasurer no later than five (5) business days after the Official Business travel. No reimbursement will be considered without a lodging receipt even if the Town paid in advance for the trip. Meal receipts are not required as the traveler will be paid a per diem rate. The first and last days of travel are paid at three quarters (3/4) the per diem rate for the locality that was traveled to.



[Below] is the City of Cody's Policy - as far as meals we have a recommended amount and the person can either do the "per meal" or a "daily" total ...so maybe they have what the hotel offers for breakfast but a bigger lunch or dinner - but don't go over are are close to the $47 daily guideline. 

If it is same day travel - we don't pay for meal and if they use their City card - we account for this expense in their next pay period

As far as vehicles go - with the tight budget - we don't have just a travel vehicle - but do have a two or three options generally for a City vehicle - so IF they decide to take their own vehicle for personal reasons (wife wants to travel with me, or I am going to take extra days and go to x,y, & z) we will not pay mileage - but will allow them to utilize their city card to buy gas.

It is getting very seldom do we pay mileage if at all.  

I do have two IT personnel who do not have a City vehicle and thus they track their mileage daily traveling between different City facilities and I reimburse them monthly.


Greybull:  We just go by GSA rules; personal vehicles can be used if no gov’t vehicle is available or if there is a good reason to use a personal vehicle. $0.535 per mile and the regular M&IE numbers.


Ten Sleep:  We pay Gov't mileage rate if they use their own vehicle and we buy the gas for town vehicles.


Laramie:  We do not actually use per diem for use of personal vehicles. If an employee chooses to use their vehicle they may reimburse for mileage at $0.30 a mile, or reimburse for fuel which they’d need to submit their receipts for. I have attached [below] a copy of our travel policy as well for you to go over. 


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