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Elections - Nominating Caucus

Becky from Kaycee was wondering if all small town's that hold their own elections in May have a nominating caucus, or how they handle their elections.  Please respond to Becky at townkc@rtconnect.net

  • The Town of Shoshoni has their election held with the County every two years-the County Clerk takes care of the ballots and the process for the election.  We reimburse the county for cost of the Town ballot printing.  Our elected officials are on the Nov. ballot and take office January 1st after the election.
    Joanie Geis
  • The Town of Glenrock also holds their elections with the County.
  • Becky, If you have elections in May you probablyhave a "Home Rule" ordinance establishing how they should be conducted.  Here in Lingle we have a home rule ordinance to have our elections in May of the even numbered years.  The process is much the same as the state prescribes in that we have candidates file to run as candidates.  We do not have a caucus process.  If you don't have a home rule ordinance in place my guess is that you would follow the normal state rules for elections.  hope this helps a bit.  Have a good week.  David W. Kendall, Lingle, Clerk/Treasurer
  • As far as Chugwater, we have a charter ordinance and we do not have a nominating caucus.  People running for office just have to come to the town hall to fill out a form that puts them on the ballot.  I, of course, have to make sure they are eligible to run. Karen L. Guidice, CMC  Town Clerk/Treasurer
  • Becky, Torrington has the county run the elections nominations are submitted and fees paid for those who wish to run to the city.  We have no wards so the entire city votes.  Goshen county takes my nominations and prints the ballots charges me a fee, counts everything it all is done on the regular election cycle  Even when the Town of Dubois independently held their elections in May, the Town had the County conduct the election. The Town then paid them for costs. The costs were minimal. Quite some time ago the Town passed a charter ordinance to hold their elections coincidental with the General Elections. The County still handles it all.  Amy Cross, Town Clerk/Treasurer
  • Becky,  We do not hold our own elections in May. Roxanne DeVries Robinson, Assistant Town Manager
  • Hulett will hold their election in May.   People who are interested pick up a nomination form that has to have I believe 20 names on it all have to be registered voters.  They turn those in with a small fee.  We pick three people from the community to sit on the election board.  After elections they along with the clerk and one other count the votes. 
  • The Town of Medicine Bow does not hold elections in May.  We have an
    August primary and November general. We don't have parties or caucases or
    anything, just simple elections for the offices of mayor and council.
  • The Town of Thermopolis elections are included on the county ballot. I give my information to the County Clerk and he does all the hard work.
    Good luck.
  • Becky, We have the county do our elections.
    Thanks, Vana Town of Deaver
  • The City of Sheridan has only held one special election for a charter ordinance in the last several years. The City Council and Mayoral election is part of the County elections of which we get billed for a percentage of the costs.

  • The Town of Superior also has an election in May.  The town clerk runs the election.  We hire two residents for the canvassing board and we pay our judges.  We have a charter ordinance for our election.  If you need further information just let me know. 

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