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Personnel - Water Operator Salaries

August 2017

Question ~

We are currently advertising for a Water/Sewer Operator trainee.   We are hoping to get a list of what sewer operators are making as a salary around the state, licenses they hold, and type of facilities they have.   Salaries for water operators would be much appreciated as well.

Responses ~

Superior - we start ours at $18/hr with $1 raise for each license obtained

Sheridan - Our Wastewater Treatment Plant is a Level IV plant so our operators are required to eventually get a level IV license.  I have attached our pay scale (see below).  It has hourly, monthly, and annual tabs.  Our Trainees are a grade 12 on the Pay Scale.  They stay a grade 12 and just move up the scale while the pass their Level I and Level II exam.  They move to a grade 13 when they pass their Level III and to a grade 14 when they pass their Level IV exam. 

Laramie - The City of Laramie has an entry level salary of $33,520 for Utility Workers (water and sewer).  As they receive level I and II certifications they can move up to a Utility Operator at $37,000.  With level III certification, they can move to a Treatment Plant Operator at $42,908; or, with level IV certification, a Treatment Plant Operator at $45,080.  Finally, with experience, they could be promoted to a Lead Operator starting at $47,363.  Attached is our organizational chart if that helps (see below). 

Edgerton - Here in Edgerton, we only have one person for Water/Sewer/Maintenance.  When he started out, with no certifications, his salary was $2700 per month.  He recently received his water certification, and was raised to $2800 per month, and will get another $100 per month when he gets wastewater certified.  We are a consecutive water system, with our water coming out of Casper, so we don’t have a treatment plant, just distribution system.  Our wastewater is strictly lagoons, so we have no lift stations or treatment plants for that, either. 

The City of Gillette Wastewater Operators are required to obtain a Level 1 certification within one year of employment. If the operator obtains any additional certifications they are eligible for a 3% increase. Our current salary range for a Wastewater Operator is a min of $17.88/hr and $25.04/hr (same for our Water Operators). The only catch is if the Wastewater Operators do not obtain a Level II certification they max out at the midpoint of the range plus 3%. Most of our Wastewater Operators hold a Level II Cert.  Our facility is a collections and treatment facility. 

Greybull - A water/sewer operator would start at $15/hr and then would get a $0.50/hr raise for a water cert and a $0.50/hr raise for a sewer cert. We have one person certified in water, sewer, and distribution and she makes $19/hr. The other person certified in all three is our PW Director who makes $24.20/hr. 

The Town of Hulett just had to hire two public works people.  Our public works director started at $19.00 and will get a $1.00 raise when he passes his water and sewer certification.  We also pay 100% of retirement and health insurance for employee and family. The second person is part-time and started at $14.00.

The Town of Medicine Bow started a trainee at $15.00 with a dollar increase for each license he obtained.  (We needed level ones in both water and wastewater).  We also gave him a dollar more when he got his CDLs because he had other duties that required it.


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