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Sewer Liners

January 2018

Question ~
I am looking for other municipalities who had had a liner installed in their sewer. Who did it? What was the cost? How involved was your engineer?

Responses ~

Lander ~ We have been lining our sewer lines for the past few years.  We have had an engineer involved due to the locates.  I can tell you that once you start lining if you have a lot of underground water houses in the area will see water in their basements.  Our first larger project really made a change in how much we were treating in our lagoons.  Several people in the area had to put sump pumps in their basements due to the water not going into our sewer system.

Cody ~ Cody has lined many sewer mains. We have used several different firms. PEC did our most recent work. Typically, $40 LF is a good estimate for cost. Engineers involvement - we did the plans, prepared the specifications and inspected the work. Inspection may not be a large issue as the companies know what they are doing, but there are some challenges periodically with how the services are reinstated, the traffic control, notice to homeowners, too much heat and possible damage to the liner, etc. Here is a possible contact you can use.

Mike Vetsch
Project Manager / Project Engineer
Planned and Engineered Construction, Inc.
3400 Centennial Drive  -  Helena, MT 59601
Office: (406)447-5050
Cell: (406)459-5052    
Fax: (406)443-8583

Evanston ~ We have used a company out of Layton, UT to do spot repair (4 foot section), also a 12 corrugated storm drain once.  It has been around $500 per foot.
I was involved in a project in Idaho where we installed a cast in place resin liner.  I can’t remember how much it costs to do the liner but I would not think you would need an engineer if you were doing maintenance on a system.  If you were doing a large project that went out to bid I would look at it with an engineer.  There is a potential to reduce area of pipe and reduce flow capacity by installing a liner. 

The City of Buffalo has used a couple different companies and the last one we used was Pace Construction out of Billings. They can come in and camera your sewer lines and let you know where you need the most work and also do the lining.
My records show the following phone #’s:

The Town of Dubois did have new lined lagoons built in 2007 and the project was engineered and inpected by Nelson Engineering in Jackson. You could talk with Matt Bowers at 307 7332087 and he could probably give you the info you would need. You are also welcome to call me at 307 4507015 and I will be happy to help if I can?  I do know that any changes to your system will need to be approved by WDEQ and usually they do require a engineered  design to build for improvements or change of your system.  If you are thinking of lining your existing lagoons PLEASE do call me as I would like to talk with you about what happened with one of our lined lagoons. Hope this helps and feel free to call me. Tim Hayes 3074507015

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