Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Records - Destruction Log Sheet

Q:  I was wondering if anyone used a records destruction log sheet?  We use to use this at the bank I worked at for retention schedules and if anyone has one I would love to look it over and try to get something similar.


Encampment ~ We do not have a log sheet, but we use a certificate of disposition (see below). I have been thinking about doing our process a little different.

We do at the Town of Jackson.  It actually came in handy as part of a lawsuit in which we could show that a record was destroyed according to the destruction schedules.  These are nothing fancy, but they do the trick. (see below)

Attached is the form that the City of Riverton uses for our records destruction.  We do not have a log sheet, but when the employee fills out the COD, the City Clerk/Director of Administrative Services or the Deputy City Clerk signs off on the COD and then it is filed in a 3-ring binder in the Clerk’s office. (see below)

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