Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Collection Agencies

Q:      What collection agencies to other towns and cities use?


  • Upton uses Collection Professionals, Inc.  in Gillette.  I’m sure they also have an office in Sheridan but, I’m not sure about other locations.  Their phone number is 307-682-0674 and their address is PO Box 1088, Gillette, Wyoming 82717.
  • They are out of Cody.  Lori Lotten is my Account Manager and her number is 307-587-4761 or 800-584-9153. Their website is www.cpicollects.com
  • The Town of Burlington uses Rocky Mountain Recovery Systems, Inc.  Their address and phone are listed below:
Rocky Mountain Recovery Systems, Inc.
400 South Kendrick, Suite 202
PO Box 607
Casper, WY 82717-0216
Phone:  307-686-6347
Fax:  307-687-0216
Contact Person:  Cynthia


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