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Peddlers Permits/Itinerant Licensing

Our Town Council (Greybull) has requested me to survey other towns/cities on fees, ordinances, etc. for peddlers permits or itinerant licensing.  We have a pizza trailer that sets up once a week in a parking lot of an existing business (with permission of course).  The owners sell pizza and sandwiches out of their trailer.  Currently, our ordinances require a $25 per day fee.  The owners of the pizza business have asked for some relief on this fee.   Any assistance from you would be great.  Please email to greytown@tctwest.net.  Thanks Kathy Smith

  • FOR THE TOWN OF GUERNSEY:  Food service establishments (temporary vendors). The license fee for conducting a temporary food service establishment shall be ten dollars ($10.00) per year per location.  Leslie Zynda
  • City of Cheyenne has a food wagon/stand business license.  Fee is $75.00 per year ($25.00 for non-profit organizations).  If it a non-food related business (i.e. temporary retail/transient merchant), the fee is $90.00 per 14 day period, or portion thereof.  a door-to-door permit (conducting sales in residential neighborhoods) is $100.00 per 14 day period.
    An annual  comprehensive temporary/transient retail merchant license is $300.00 per year (this covers year-round activities (example: stands/kiosks inside Frontier Mall).  Certain organizers of annual community events, such as the Home and Garden show, apply for a comprehensive license which covers all temporary retail merchant stands
    involved in the event (they recoup the application fee by assessing the merchants a fee to participate).
    Information on the above noted business licenses and types can be found on our website (www.cheyennecity.org) under City Code, or the Doing Business drop down menu below the home page photo banner.
    Carol Intlekofer, City Clerk, City of Cheyenne
  • The Town of Pine Bluffs charges $50 for a daily business permit and does not have provisions for a weekly or monthly rate. It gets pretty pricey if they are here any length of time.  Hope this helps. Cate Cundall, CMC, Clerk/Treasurer
  •             Any temporary or transient merchant or peddler desiring to enlarge in or transact business in the town shall file with the town clerk-treasurer an application for such license for such purpose.  Such application shall state his name, his proposed place of business, the kind of business proposed to be conducted and the length of time he desires to conduct such business.

          1)     The business license fees for the Town of Meeteetse, Wyoming for local business and/or individuals and transient business and/or individuals shall be as follows:

     A)    Local merchants, firms, and/or individuals……..$ no charge B)     Transient merchants, firms, and/or individuals…$ 25.00 annual fee  $ 5.00 per day fee

    2)         No refund of all or any part of any license fee shall be made at any time following the issuance thereof:

    3)         The Town Council will review the fees for business licenses annually and any changes will be adopted at their first meeting in January of each year. Angie, Meeteetse.

  • For the Town of Lusk, transient merchants pay $100.00 per month. If it is someone who is a local, there is no fee.   Linda M. Frye
  • The Town of Glenrocks fee for door-to-door pdlers in residential areas is $50.00 per year and requires a $1,000 cash bond or surety bond.   If they want to go door-to-door in the business district there is no fee.  Donna Geho, Glenrock.
  • *Town of Bar Nunn has adopted the Natrona County licensing procedure-long.  However, for those people who are here for 2 to 3 days they are charged a $20 permit fee and have to give identification and proof of who they are "peddling" for.  Recent years, the vacuum cleaner salesperson out of Cheyenne and the Christian book sales students have been the only transient peddlers we've dealt with.

    Carol Pendley--Clerk-Treasurer.



    We do require anyone coming into town to fill out a business license permit, however there is not a fee attached to the permit.

    We have the following on our books, but we don’t generally charge a business license fee. We have gone to the council on a number of occasions to get the fee implemented and ended up fighting the local business owners and council because they do not believe that it is beneficial to charge for either long or short term licensing. We do require proof of insurance and bonding on the contractors if they do work for the town.

    All of our ordinances are on line at    http://saratoga.govoffice2.com/


    5.04.070 License—Application—Approval.

                    A.            Every application for a business license shall be made to the town clerk. Such application shall state the name in full of the person desiring such license, the location or address where such business shall be conducted and all other information that may be required. Such application shall be signed by the applicant.

                    B.            When any person makes his or her first application for the operation of a specified business or for a location not theretofore used by such applicant for such business within the town, such application shall be submitted to the town council, whose approval shall be required before any such new license may be issued. (Prior code § 11-7)

     5.04.080 License—Issuance—Fees.

                    Each person making application for a business license shall at the time of making such application pay the required license fee. In every case where a bond or insurance is required, the same shall be approved by the town council. Every license shall be signed by the town clerk under the town seal, pursuant to the order of the town council. No person shall be deemed to be licensed until the license is issued in due form as provided by this section and no license shall authorize any person other than the licensee to conduct business thereunder. No license shall be granted for a longer period than one year or for an amount less than the stipulated license fee. (Prior code § 11-8)

    Suzie Cox, Saratoga Town Clerk, P.O. Box 486, Saratoga, WY 82331, 307-326-8335, 307-326-8941  fax, suzie@saratogawyo.org

  • The City of Gillette has an "Itinerant Merchant Permit" which allows the merchant to sell his wares at a bazaar, on a street corner, festival etc. There is a fee of $25 per day and they need to have a $1,000 Surety Bond along with permission from the land owner to sell their wares on his property (if applicable.)  If the merchant is going door to door, the previous fees and requirements apply, however, they also need background checks done on each individual who will be soliciting at the door and all door to door solicitors need to wear an ID Badge that is provided by the City of Gillette.
    You can go to our website at www.ci.gillette.wy.us under City Codes and look up Chapter 10-28 and 10-29 to find more information on our vendor code.
    Karlene Abelseth, City Clerk
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