Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers


The Town of Upton launched their website and asked others for their opinions.  Comments received were great and very helpful to all municipal sites.

The website looks great, except there is a picture on the slide show of the Upton Airport sign.  It looks kind of ratty and detracts from the other wonderful images.  Can the sign be replaced and a new picture taken?  I don't mean to be critical, but want your website to say the very best about your town!  I especially like the banner at the top.

It’s great! You really included a lot of items, I got a good feel for your town. It was easy to use, had good information, and everything I tried worked well. Good job on this!

Your new website looks great!  I really like all the links to other sites and it’s very easy to navigate (ours isn’t so much, so kudos to you guys!).  I did see a couple of things just as food for thought suggestions – these are things we’ve run in to.  On your boards page, you may want to include a short description of each board and include meeting times, contact info, and what to do if someone is interested in joining a board or commission.  The other thing I didn’t see  on your site, and I may have missed it, is your municipal code.  Good job!

Last updated 6/30/2015 1:39:17 PM