Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Utility - GIS Mapping

Q ~

Do any towns or cities utilize GIS programs for their water systems?  If so, can you please provide me the name of the program you use, where it was purchased from, and briefly outline the pros and cons of using this type of program.

Responses ~

We have been using GIS mapping for 8 years now. We use ESRI and Max Master with Geographic Innocations 605-639-3167 is our guru. We have all our city boundaries, property owners,water and sewer lines mapped and both of our cemeteries. He has us connected with the county and other municipalities in our county so we all can share information. He is very affordable too!!!  City of Sundance

Douglas does have an AutoCAD system and ESRI ArcGIS system.  Both are useful in their own ways.  CAD can be more precise and can handle 3D modeling.  However, not a lot of people outside of the engineering profession know how to use CAD to its full extent.  ESRI is more user friendly and most people will a little bit of training can figure it out.  However, it is much more expensive and takes a larger system to run.  Both programs can show utility line in connection with the surrounding built environment.

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