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Q.  Does any town/ city pay their council for attending meetings such as WWDC conferences, WAM conferences, meetings for grant hearings, impact meetings, etc.; basically any meeting that is not considered a council meeting (regular or special). These meetings are usually attended by only one or two council members, not necessarily the entire council. If they do receive compensation, what amount is paid or how do you figure the amount that is paid other than mileage?
The City of Sheridan completed a comprehensive wage study of Mayor, Council and City Administrators during 2011.  This information has formated into a pdf file and can be accessed below.

The City of Kemmerer does not pay for anything but regular council meetings.  We do pay the mileage rate for council people if they take their own vehicles out of town on city business (we use the IRS rate each year for mileage).  We do however, have city vehicles that they can take.

Glenda, City of Kemmerer


The Town of Lingle pays council members for regular and special meetings only.  The only compensation for attending other meetings is the mileage paid at the IRS published rate.



The City of Cody pays their council members for many of the meetings and conferences you have listed, as well as, any boards they are appointed to.  We include those meetings as part of our salary line item during budget process.

The Town of Medicine Bow does not pay its Council or Mayor for attendance at any of those things. In fact, the Council and Mayor donate their pay for meetings back to the Town so in essence, they work for free.


(Torrington)  Council is compensated for any meeting the mayor asks them to attend, WAM winter and summer meetings are paid. Internal committees like the wage committee on which a member of council sets are paid. Hope this helps


(Elk Mountain)  We don’t pay our council to attend meetings outside the regular council meeting. We do cover meals and mileage; lodging if necessary depending on the length or distance of the meeting.

The Town of Rock River does not pay council for those meetings. The town does not compensate council members or mayor for attending meetings outside of council meetings.  Diamondville will pay for registration, meals, lodging, and fuel.

The Town of Meeteetse only pays for regular and special meetings.

The City of Lander pays our council for all meetings related to City work.  It does not compensate for attendance at social events though. 


(Frannie) For those kinds of meetings, the town will pay for all the expenses of the Mayor or Council member attending. If they take their own vehicle, they are paid mileage. They do not receive any of compensation for going as it is really part of the job as the governing body of their town.  At least, that is what the feeling is around here.

(Glenrock)  Our council gets paid for regular & special meetings only, and can only be paid for a maximum of two meetings.  Non-official meetings (i.e. Conferences, board meetings, committee meetings, etc....) are only subject to reimbursement.

The Town of Edgerton does not compensate for attendance at conferences or other than Council meetings, although we do pay all expenses for any members who do attend such meetings.

The Town ofHannadoes not pay council members for attending meetings outside of our regular Town Council meetings, special meetings and workshops.  We do, however, compensate them for meals and mileage ( at the federal rate),

The City of Cheyenne pays Council members a flat $1,000 a month, therefore they get nothing extra for attending WAM, etc.  However, we do pay the expenses of attending those meetings.


The town of Superior only pays the Council for meetings that are brought to order and adjourned by the Mayor.

The City of Powell pays council members $110 per meeting for the following:

Attendance at a regular council meeting/special meeting/council work session; attendance at a committee meeting (of which committee they have been appointed to), attendance at WAM convention/WAM fall, winter, spring workshops, and any public meeting/hearing called by council.  That is virtually all that council members are paid for.

The Town of Saratoga pays the Mayor $400.00 per month and each council person $50.00 per meeting-that is for all regular meetings as well as all workshops, public hearings, etc.  We pay meals, lodging and travel for any council person that travels to attend conferences and meetings.

Our Mayor receives $300 per month and Council members receive $35 per meeting. Any meetings they attend away from home, they are reimbursed for mileage and travel expenses and if it is an overnight stay, the Town pays for the hotel/motel. The Council members receive the $35 per meeting even on away trips; the Mayor does not.

The City of Douglas does not pay the Mayor or Council for attending such meetings, although we do pay for the meals/travel/lodging and any training costs.  Per our Charter, the only compensation our governing body receives is: Mayor receives $250 per month for his services and Council members receive $125 per month for their services; Council can charge up to $250 for any special meeting called at the expense of the individual who requests the meeting.  However, Council has not charged for a special meeting in quite some time.  There are no other types of compensation for them.

The City of Gillette pays the Mayor $1,500 per month and Council Members are paid $500 per month. The City will reimburse council for travel, meals, etc. for attending meetings such as WAM, and other meetings they may attend outside of their regularly scheduled monthly meetings.

Pine Bluffs pays its Mayor $250 per month and each Councilmember $40 per meeting. We also pay them all 40 when attending a meeting other than scheduled Council meetings such as Board meetings, County, State, etc.....

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