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Mileage Rates & Meal Allowance

For employees traveling out of town to work-related meetings, workshops, etc:    1) What is your mileage reimbursement rate (if an employee takes their own vehicle) and,   2) What is your daily meal allowance? 

Thanks, Kathy Smith, Town of Greybull, greytown@tctwest.net

·         Town of Alpine  - If employees use their own car, they get paid 50 cents a mile, or what the rate is set by the IRS for travel.  We have a meal allowance of $30.00 per day.  Brenda, Clerk/Treasurer

·         *Town of Lovell encourages use of the town car therefore no mileage would be calculated.  If the vehicle is not available and the employee must take their own vehicle we calculate at IRS rate.  If the town care would be available but the employee wishes to take a family member with them they must take their own vehicle.  The Town then reimburses them for gas at the local rate figured on 20 miles to the gallon.  Meal expenses are 100% reimbursable.  Valerie Beal

·         Town of Baggs:  1)  Up to $130.00 motel room expense per day for overnight trips, 2)  Not to exceed $45.00 per day for meals, 3)  Town vehicles are to be used by employees and council members for transportation whenever possible.  If a Town vehicle is not available or utilized, a personal vehicle may be used, with mileage being reimbursed to the driver at the current federal rate per mile, as determined and periodically updated by the Internal Revenue Service. Before reimbursement is made on any expense, a receipt and/or written statement must be furnished.

·         Bar Nunn reimburses mileage at the IRS rate, set by resolution at the first council meeting in January each year.(50 cents per mile for 2010). Expenses are reimbursed in total for travel expenses, except gasoline since we pay mileage. "Reasonable" tips are reimbursed.  Carol Pendley--Clerk-Treasurer

·         The Town of Encampment reimburses mileage at the federal rate which is currently .55 cents per mile if emlpoyee takes own vehicle. We do not have a daily meal rate.  Doreen Harvey, CMC Deputy Clerk, Town of Encampment 

·         Wamsutter uses IRS mileage which is fifty cents, and we reimburse with meal, motel receipts turned in after the trip is made Susan

·         The City of Cody also follows the IRS guidelines and we make changes each year accordingly.  With regards to business travel, we are in the process of changing our policy right now.  We currently pay for meals and we have always asked our employees to use their best judgment for what is appropriate for the location in which they are traveling.  Due to an IRS audit and the fact that some employees began to take advantage of the “use your best judgment” policy, we are proposing the following policy to the Governing Body and it should be acted upon in the next month: 

                Meals while traveling

          25.1.1 Same Day Travel: Employees traveling to and from the intended destination in the same day will not       be allowed to have meals paid for by the City of Cody unless the meal receipts are turned into the    employee’s Department Head with the employee’s timesheet and the employee is taxed on the value of the meal. Meals are considered fringe benefits or wages and must be taxed unless the employee is away         from home overnight. This is in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service.

          25.1.2Overnight Travel: Employees traveling overnight will be eligible to have meals paid for without                 taxation.

          25.1.3 Reasonable Meal Allowance: In general, it is customary for the employee to use their best judgment      when purchasing meals while conducting business for the City of Cody. The following figures are to be         used as reasonable guidelines for meal purchases. It is understood by the City of Cody that occasionally it           will not be possible to purchase meals within the guidelines outlined due to the location of the travel       destination:

a. Breakfast up to $10.00, excluding tip

b. Lunch up to $12.00, excluding tip

c. Dinner up to $25.00, excluding tip

d. Daily Guideline up to $47.00, excluding tips

          25.1.4Meals Close to Cody: The City of Cody will not pay for meals for employees traveling who are within 50 miles of Cody. The employee should wait to eat when they return home, unless special arrangements             have been approved by the employee’s Supervisor or Department Head. If the reason for the travel is in             this location, then a meal is permitted and the employee is subject to the guidelines in sections 25.1.1 through 25.1.3.

          25.1.5Meal Incidentals: Employees should not purchase snacks or beverages with City funds while traveling.    These items should be purchased with the employee’s own funds. However, City funds can be used on purchasing snacks if they are purchased in lieu of a meal and are within the guidelines of section 25.1.3.

          25.1.6Meal Tips: Tips for servers should generally be no more than 15% to 20%.

          25.1.7 Alcoholic Beverages: City Employees are not authorized to purchase alcoholic beverages with City          funds at any time. If an employee chooses to order alcohol with their meal, the employee must pay for the alcohol with their own funds, and it must be on a separate receipt from the meal the City is      purchasing on behalf of the employee. At no time shall a City of Cody employee order alcohol if driving a             City of Cody vehicle.

          Sections 25.1.1 and 25.1.2 are due to the IRS audit and the City of Cody learning that we were not in   compliance with IRS guidelines.

                Jennifer Rosencranse, Administrative Services Director, jennir@cityofcody.com, 307-527-3462


·         The Town of Byron has been paying the IRS business standard pay for mileage. The Policy manual states that the meals and lodging as long as it does not go over a figure set by the Town Council. We have never had an issue come up where the Council has refused to pay for the expenses that were incurred.  Vicki Gibson, Clerk/Treasurer, 307.548.7490, 307-272-0854

·         Town of Manderson pays $.55/mile and there is no daily allowance for meals. The meals are usually charged to the company credit cards and are paid by the town, unless there are major charges for meals...usually it's $20/meal. Shannon

·         The Town of Hanna goes with the federal rate which is .50. Our meal allowance is $45.00 per day.  No alcohol or tips are reimbursed. Penny Parr

·         Torrington uses standard IRS Mileage which is $0.50 per mile.  We reimburse actual meals including tips no alcohol of course.  Have a great day. Lynette Strecker, Treasurer, P.O. Box 250, Torrington, WY  82240, 307-532-5666

·         Town of Pine Haven pays IRS rates for mileage and meals at cost with receipts. *The mileage rate for Gillette is $.50 per mile if there is not a City vehicle available; $.25 per mile if there is a City vehicle available and the employee chooses to take their own vehicle. Allotments for meals are $50 per day.  Karlene Abelseth, City Clerk, 307-686-5210, 307-686-4081 fax, karlene@ci.gillette.wy.us

·         Evansville uses the IRS rate for reimbursement on mileage and then we pay 100% on meal unless they are out of hand on what they eat.  We won’t pay for big steak dinners each night.  We also will not pay for alcohol.   Janelle Underwood, Phone: (307) 234-6530, Fax: (307) 266-5109

·         The Town of Jackson uses Federal per-diem rates for mileage.  The daily meal allowance is situational and changes depending on where the employee is traveling.  Olivia Goodale, Senior Deputy Town Clerk, P.O. Box 1687,Jackson, WY, ogoodale@ci.jackson.wy.us

·         Town of Burns pays the state rate for mileage which you can look upon the internet.  We also pay for the meals.

·         Town of Shoshoni uses the IRS mileage rate-right now it is 50 cents a mile. Dwayne Jacobs, Sheridan IRS office always lets me know when it changes.  The Town allows $20.00 per day for meal reimbursement.
Joanie Geis, C/T  

·         Town of Frannie pays $.55 per mile – we go by what the federal reimbursement for mileage is. Frannie does not have a daily meal allowance.  I guess they just figure we should know not to have steak and shrimp for each meal. J Brook Loyning, Clerk/Treasurer, 307-664-2323

·         The Town of Sinclair stays with the state mileage rate which is .50 cents a mile at this time.  We do not have a meal allowance.  Lezlee Musgrave

·         Hulett uses the IRS standards and meals are paid for 100% excluding tips of course   Melissa Bears, Hulett Town Clerk

·         The Town of Star Valley Ranch uses the State mileage reimbursement rate of  .50 cents per mile.  And we have a daily meal allowance of $10.00 per day if no receipt.  If they have a receipt we pay that as long as there is no alcohol.

·         The Town of Moorcroft goes off the state rate which currently is .50 per mile and we go off the mileage chart that the state also has. Meals allowance is 15.00 per meal not to go over 30.00 per a day.   Stephanie 

·         The Town of Glendo pays 55.5 cents a mile for personal vehicles.
Brenda Hagen

·         TORH reimburses an employee at the rate of $0.50 per mile, which is set by the IRS.  We do not have a cap on meals, but it is “generally understood” that none will go overboard while on trips.  This has just never been an issue with us.  However, if a meal is provided at a workshop it is expected that you eat there.  If you eat elsewhere, that expense is on you.  The provided meals are considered part of the workshop fees and thus already paid for. Teresa Montgomery, Clerk / Treasurer, Town of Rolling Hills, townofrollinghills@netcommander.com

·         Town of Sleep uses the state's at .50 right now.   Lori Hughes, Clerk/Treas., tensleeptown@tctwest.net

·         Chugwater follows IRS rates for mileage and allows for reasonable reimbursement for meals, etc.  Karen

·         The Town of Glenrock has adopted the current IRS rates for mileage reimbursement and it fluctuates with changes in the IRS Code.  Meals are reimbursed for reasonable meals charges with receipts.  No reimbursement is made for alcohol.  Donna Geho, Glenrock.

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