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Police - Stand By and On Call Pay

October 2017

Question ~
We are attempting to clarify how stand by or on call time is paid and assigned for our PD.  Right now we have three officers who work 10 hour shifts and any stand by time is paid at 1/16 of an overtime hour.  I’m not sure where this arbitrary number comes from, but it’s been in place longer than any of the employees.  Can any of you share how your PD handles stand by time? This probably only pertains to the smaller departments with 4 or less officers.  Our Chief is also in this rotation and not purely an administrative position. 

Responses ~

The Town of Guernsey has 4 officers, 1 of which is a working Chief. We run 10 hour shifts as well. We pay $2.50/hour of on-call work, if they are called out we pay a minimum of 2 hours at their overtime rate. If it's over 2 hours we pay their overtime rate at the number of hours they were called out for that day.

Though City of Cody is not a smaller community - I will let you know how are standby time works for employees - in the PD we only have standby for the detective positions - but city wide standby is the same if on standby Monday - Friday - the employee gets 1 hour weekend 2 hours (per day - total of 4 hours); Holidays is 4 hours. All are paid a regular rate of pay - any IF called out then gets a minimum of 2 hours pay (OT) or the actual amount of the call if exceeds 2 hours. 

The Town of Diamondville changed it's PD on call time pay in 2016, but it used to be budgeted by the chief.  He used to compile the last years on call time and budget accordingly.  Now however, he has given each officer (we have 2 officers and the chief) a raise to compensate for any on call time.  The officers agreed to this new change and it equals out to about what they would be getting in overtime.  Our police dept. also works 10 hour shifts and they all take turns being on call.

Below I have copied the policy we had in place for the officers.  Our Police Chief is an exempt employee so he does not receive overtime or comp time unless he is short staffed.

A.      Police Department

Officers will receive hourly compensation and may receive either Comp. Time or Overtime for all time worked in excess of forty-three (43) hours per week.  Each officer may choose whether to utilize Comp. Time or Overtime, and that decision must be made at the time employment begins with the Town of Diamondville.  Comp. Time and Overtime will be computed at on and on half times an officer’s regular rate of pay.  A maximum of eighty (80) hours of Comp. Time may be accrued at any one time.

Moorcroft Police Department runs 8 hour shifts (for the most part) and has 3 Full Time and 1 Part Time officer, and our Chief is also in the working rotation and not just an admin position.  Our department pays our officers $5.00 per hour On-Call pay, this includes the Chief of Police. 

Jackson ~ We do not have stand by pay for Police Officers.  For public works employees on stand by pay on the weekend, our policy manual indicates we pay per the FLSA.


The Town of Hanna has 1 full time officer and 1 part-time officer.  Our Marshal is salaried and exempt so he doesn’t get paid on call time.  Our part time officer is never put on standby so currently that is not an issue.  When we had more officers they were paid an hourly wage.  When on call we paid them $2.00/hr.  If they were called out while on call they were paid 3 hours minimum at their normal hourly rate unless the 40 hours was reached and then they would be paid at their overtime rate.


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