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Benefits - Leave Time

September 2017

Question ~

I am looking for information regarding how other towns are handling vacation time, sick leave, and comp time if applicable. Do you all use your software to track these benefits? Do you allow any carryover of vacation days? Is there a probationary period before benefits may be used? Right now our employees accrue 12 days of sick per year and 12 days of vacation per year. We have been utilizing comp time but do not have a policy in place for this or a good tracking mechanism for it as well.

 Responses ~

The Town of Star Valley Ranch uses Caselle and it does track our leave in and out. We do not do vacation/sick anymore. We have changed to PTO (personal time off) because we had so many saying they were sick when they really weren’t. Now they don’t have to lie. Our policy states you must work 3 months before you can use your PTO although it accrues from the date of hire. Your first 5 years of employment it accrues at 120 hours of PTO per year. After 5 years you accrue 160 hours per year. We divide this by 26 and add it at each payroll (26 payrolls per year). We do pay this out hour for hour when the employee leaves our employment. Our employees can accrue supervisor approved comp-time but only up to 40 hours. We try to get them to use it within the week they get it. That way we don’t have to pay time and a half. The PTO and Comp-time do roll over year to year. When we did do sick leave we did not pay them out for it when they left our employ.

Jackson - We use a Paid Time Off (PTO) system in Jackson and it works really well.  Most Department Directors do not allow comp time to be earned, they would rather pay it out in wages and have the person at work more often.  I’ve attached an excerpt from our policy manual related to PTO and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.  I also have an older document that talks about how we implemented it back in the 90s if you are interested, just let me know.

Lovell - Yes, our software program tracks our vacation time, sick leave, comp time and personal leave.  We do allow the employees to carryover 40 hours of vacation time each year.  Our sick leave begins to accrue the first month of employment, but our vacation does not begin to accrue until after they have worked for six months.  Employees can select  to have up to 40 hours of comp time to accrue instead of being paid out overtime. 

The City of Cody has 108 benefited employees - so obviously it is beneficial that our payroll program assist with the accrual and usage.  We use Caselle for our payroll software. 

       We have tiers for vacation - 0-4, 5-9, 10-15 and 15+ and you accrue on a pay period basis - but the 0-4 years over 12 months would be equivalent to 80 hours - Vacation is the only thing we have a probationary period before benefits is accrued or used.  (6 months) however when your six months probationary period is over - we put a lump sum of 40 hours on their record (what they would have accured during the six month)   we allow to carryover 80 hours annually.

        Sick leave is a flat 3.69/hrs per pay period - or again over 12 months is equal to 8 hours a month - does not matter on length of service.

        We allow employees to earn comp time as well and they can carryover 40 hours annually.

Torrington - We use Caselle and it tracks our vacation time, sick leave and comp time.  We are allowed to carryover 40 vacation hours each January.  Our vacation time accruals are as follows:  1 to 5 years – 10 days annually, 6 to 10 years – 15 days annually, 11 to 15 years – 18 days annually, 16 to 24 years – 20 days annually and 25+ years – 22 days annually.  Full-time employees earn 12 days per year for sick leave and may be accrued up to a maximum of 1500 hours.

       Our policy on Compensatory Time/Overtime states that compensatory time off may be accumulated to a maximum of 40 hours to be used at a later time upon mutual agreement. 

HannaAttached (see below) are our policies on vacation, comp and sick.  I am in the process of making a few changes.  We have some exempt salary positions now so the overtime comp rule would apply only to non-exempt positions, and I also need to add employees engaged in police work may accrue up to 480 hours of comp time.  I also want to add comp hours has to be used by end of fiscal year and that any left will be paid out on the last payroll of the calendar year.

        We use Black Mountain Software and it does the tracking for me.   We do allow carryover on vacation days and once the employee reaches the cap of 240 the accruals stop.  This keeps the liability from getting out of hand.  We also have an in-house policy that accrued comp time must be used before vacation will be paid out.  Supervisors are supposed to keep overtime at a minimum.  This also helps the Town’s liability in the long run.  We have a few employees that don’t like to take time off and this kind of forces them to take it.  We do not have a probationary period for benefits.  It starts accruing with first check but they can’t take more time off that what has accrued.  On termination the only thing paid out is accrued vacation and any compt time they may have on the books.

        If you don’t have software that tracks these benefits, an excel spreadsheet could be utilized but you would have to make your entries in to it after every payroll.

Dubois - I use Caselle software to keep track of leave time as reported on timesheets. I also keep a spreadsheet and reconcile it with Caselle’s generated leave register.  After endless years of only relying on Caselle without error, a weird circumstance misreported one employee’s balance. Leave time is too important for me to not keep a handle on it.

Douglas - Tracking done thru our payroll program.  We do use comp time, using time sheet for recording when earned & used.

Cokeville - The Town of Cokeville uses Caselle to track the benefits.  The employees who receive comp time are able to carry 40 hours over to the next year.  Vacation is not carried over.  We have changed sick to personal time and it can accrue to 960 hours then caps.  



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