Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

Penny Robbins, CMC ~ Town of Mountain View

The Vice President assists the President and Board Members in achieving Association goals.  The Vice President assists the President in special projects when assigned.  The Vice President develops the winter workshop and workday for the annual convention.  The Vice President assumes the President chair upon election of the membership.

1.  Must be a regular member of WAMCAT in good standing.
2.  Must have held a board position for a minimum of two years prior to running for office.

1.  Contributes to the development and achievement of Association goals.
2.  Presides over the meeting in absence of the President.
3.  Assists the President with meetings and workshop.
4.  The incumbent is expected to become the President, if elected by the membership.
5.  Oversees the development and organization of the WAMCAT winter workshop and the WAMCAT workday at the annual WAM convention for two years, as outlined in the conference setup checklist.

Four quarterly board meetings held at:
     ~  fall quarterly meeting
     ~  winter workshop and quarterly meeting
     ~  spring quarterly meeting
     ~ summer workday and quarterly meeting