Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers


IIMC's Mission
The International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) is a professional, nonprofit association that promotes continuing education and certification through university and college-based institutes and provides networking solutions, services and benefits to its members worldwide.

Leading Professional Association Since 1947
Founded in 1947, IIMC is the leading professional association serving the needs of municipal clerks, secretaries, treasurers, recorders and other allied associations from cities and towns worldwide.

Inspiring Advancement & Development
IIMC's primary goal is to actively promote the continuing education and professional development of municipal clerks through extensive education programs, certification, publications, networking, annual conferences and research.  As an education catalyst, IIMC inspires clerks to expand and advance beyond their present levels of development.

For more information pertaining to IIMC and to find out how to become a member, check out their website at www.iimc.com.  

IIMC offers two certification programs - Certified Municipal Clerk and Master Municipal Clerk:

Certified Municipal Clerk Program (CMC)

The CMC designation program is designed to enhance the job performance of the Clerk in small and large municipalities.  To earn the CMC designation, a Municipal Clerk must attend extensive education programs.  The designation also requires pertinent experience in a municipality.  The program prepares the participants to meet the challenges of the complex role of the Municipal Clerk by providing them with quality education in partnership with institutions of higher learning, as well as State / Provincial/ National Associations.  The CMC program has been assisting clerks to excel since 1970.

For more information regarding the CMC program, go to Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Program.

Master Municipal Clerk Program (MMC)

The Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) program is one of the two professional designations granted by IIMC.  The MMC program is an advanced continuing education program that prepares participants to perform complex municipal duties.  The program has an extensive and rigorous education component and a professional and social contribution component.  The MMC applicant must demonstrate that they have actively pursued education and professional activities.

The learn more about the MMC program, go to Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) Program.