Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers

How do I become a Certified Municipal Clerk? (Click here for details)

We have received a lot of questions on how someone goes about getting their CMC certification:

1.You must be a member of IIMC. I have attached a membership form to this e-mail or you can go to their website www.iimc.com. Before you can apply for your CMC you must be an active member of IIMC for two years – so you should join right now.

2. You have to submit the application for admission to pursue the CMC designation before you start working toward it. I have also attached a copy of that here or you can get it on their website.

These two things MUST BE DONE before you start your classes to count for your CMC, so if you are attending the institute in September in Casper and want those classes to count, you must do #1 and #2 above before September.

3. You have to obtain 60 points in the education category

4. You have to obtain 50 points in the experience category.

Please check out the IIMC website, www.iimc.com, go to Education Tab and Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) Program to get all the details of what the requirements are as far as experience and education are to get the points.

We will be having an orientation session at noon on Monday, September 10 before the Institute starts to go over these requirements with those who are interested in pursuing a certification.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the CMC application process, you can call IIMC at 909-944-4162 and they can walk you through it.

Attached Document or FileIIMC Certification Information Click here for certification details.